Structural Demolition

PGI is a licensed demolition contractor, performing:

  • Complete Demolition
  • Partial Demolition
  • Interior Demolition
  • Asbestos Demolition
  • Environmental Clean-up
  • Site Restoration


Before any demolition activities can take place, there are many steps that must be carried out beforehand, including performing asbestos abatement, removing hazardous or regulated materials, obtaining necessary permits, submitting necessary notifications, disconnecting utilities, rodent baiting and the development of site-specific safety and work plans.
PGI, having both Environmental Consulting and Construction/Demolition expertise can handle the entire demolition project from the initial phases of permitting and environmental to demolition of structures and resurfacing.
PGI’s approach to demolition in most cases is the deconstruction of a building with the goal of minimizing the amount of materials going to landfills. This "green" approach is applied by removing the materials by type material and segregating them for reuse or recycling. With proper planning, this approach results in landfill diversion rates that exceed 90% of an entire building and its contents in some cases. It also vastly reduces the CO2 emissions of the removing of a building in comparison to demolition.
Safety is paramount; a site safety officer is assigned to each project to enforce all safety rules and regulations.