Groundwater Resources Management and Development Services

Given the protracted nature of many water-resource problems, it is critical that a consultant has the ability to define and focus on the relevant issues in order to develop timely and cost-effective solutions.
PGI Assists Its Client with Sound Planning, Appropriate Investment, and Ensuring a Highly Reliable Water Supply.


  • Identification of the direction and rate of groundwater movement
  • Analysis of aquifer recharge / discharge mechanisms
  • Analysis of vadose-zone and design of groundwater monitoring networks
  • Development of groundwater supply, and evaluation of suitability of a water-resource for irrigation and industrial use
    • Testing and analysis of aquifers to define
    • Hydraulic properties of water-bearing units
    • Secondary or low permeability characteristics
    • Leakage of confining units
    • Storage capacity
    • Safe yield of aquifer systems
    • Pumpage rate estimates
  • Analysis and implementation of subsurface disposal/injection of liquids
  • Dewatering (of mines and for slope stability)

Surface Water

  • Analysis of groundwater/surface-water relationships and conjunctive use
  • Identification of local and regional water use
  • Evaluation and simulation of circulation and flow in rivers and estuaries and of sediment transport
  • Identification of sediment deposition and impact zones
  • Water-quality monitoring of springs, seeps, streams and ponds
  • Monitoring stream-stage/piezometer relationships